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Why Join the Golden Eagles?

 Tim Martin


Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” ~ Ronald Reagan, from his first inaugural speech as governor of California, January 5, 1967


These words ring truer today than when (then) Governor Reagan spoke them in 1967.  Freedom is not guaranteed to each generation, and the anti-freedom, anti-gun establishment knows this.  And make no mistake, we are fighting a generational battle. 

We know that anti-gun leftists like Senator Chuck Schumer want to take away our guns.  He is on record proposing legislation that will infringe on your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.  And that is why your NRA has been vigilant in thwarting him every step of the way. 

But that is just one front in the war for our freedoms.  Disturbingly, anti-gunners target our children with propaganda that is designed to stigmatize the firearms that protect our freedoms.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Just look at these headlines:

“High school student suspended for gun photo” The Washington Times

“Oregon eighth-grader suspended from school for wearing patriotic shirt showing gun” The Washington Post

“Youth suspended over sketch of gun” World News Daily

“10-year-old suspended for making fingers into shape of gun” CNN

 “MD state board upholds boy’s suspension in pastry gun case” The Washington Post


All of these suspensions are meted out under the guise of a “zero-tolerance” policy on gun violence.  However, when does common sense take over?  Do these educators actually think that a gun photo, a t-shirt, a gun sketch, one’s thumb and pointer finger, and a pop-tart are legitimate threats to other students’ safety? 

What these suspensions really are, are a message.  They are a message to the individual who is suspended, and a message to the rest of the students.  That guns are evil and are in no way used for legitimate purposes.  And today’s 13-14 year old children are only one Presidential term away from voting. 

That is why the Golden Eagles are so vital, especially now.  The NRA Golden Eagles is a contributory membership.  The annual dues primarily go towards programs such as youth hunter education, youth shooting sports, the NRA School Shield program, and the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety program

The Golden Eagles are here to welcome and support the next generation of 2nd Amendment enthusiasts and supporters.  Through these programs we teach safety, responsible gun ownership, and respect for the traditions and freedoms passed on to them by their parents and grandparents. 

As a thank you for your generosity, we’ll send you the following items throughout the year of your Golden Eagle Membership:

-       Annual Membership Card

-       Golden Eagle Decal

-       Insignia Pin

-       Certificate

-       Limited Edition Hat

-       Personal Memento From Wayne LaPierre

-       And various other items


We need to support and defend the 2nd Amendment on all fronts.  We must be sure that the next generation is not the last to know freedom.  Take a stand.  Support the next generation of freedom’s defenders.  Join the NRA Golden Eagles today!      

The Golden Eagles are an elite group of NRA members dedicated to instilling the love of freedom in our nation’s youth, teaching safe and responsible gun ownership to young and old alike, and passing the torch of liberty to the next generation of freedom’s defenders.  Through their leadership of NRA, they are laying a solid foundation for our firearm freedoms for generations to come.