The Golden Eagles are an elite group of NRA members dedicated to protecting the Second Amendment and passing down our precious freedoms to future generations.

Only one percent of NRA members are honored with membership in the NRA Golden Eagles. Through their leadership, they make possible crucial NRA programs that touch lives and teach freedom.

As an NRA Golden Eagle you’ll support:

Legislative Victories – Golden Eagles help NRA fight and win the biggest battles for your gun rights in the halls of Congress and in state legislation across the country.

Voice of Freedom Fund – Golden Eagles leadership support gives NRA the ammunition we need to fight back against anti-gun media bias and tell Americans the truth about guns and crime through our own world-class media operation.

Youth Firearm Training – Every year, our NRA Golden Eagles make it possible for up to four million youth to participate in NRA education, shooting competitions and safety programs, ensuring the legacy of the Second Amendment is passed down to future generations.

Refuse To Be A Victim® Program – Golden Eagles leadership support helps federal, state and local law enforcement officials teach thousands of Americans from all walks of life how to protect themselves and their families through proven personal defense strategies.

Firearm Safety and Education for Adults – Millions of men and women, first-time shooters, recreational shooters, competitors, and hunters began their training through NRA, where they learned the fundamentals of firearm safety and responsible citizenship. This legacy continues to this day thanks to the support of NRA Golden Eagles.

Election Victories – Golden Eagles are on the cutting edge of NRA’s grassroots efforts to win countless do-or-die election battles and save our guns and our freedom.